10 Best Store Bought Halloween Costumes

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It’s official! Halloween is next month and the countdown is beginning early over here. I never seem to plan my costume well enough ahead, but I’m determined to be on top of my game this year. I can’t stand the idea of wearing a corset and animal ears, and calling it a costume. I have a hard time finding store bought costumes that are interesting, not slutty, and recognizable, so here are my picks for the 10 best store bought Halloween costumes for this year (and at less than $40 each, none of them will break the bank!).

10. 20s Flapper Girl

20s Red Flapper Dress

I’ll admit that this is definitely on the sexy side, but do your homework and study 1920s lexicon. If you can talk the talk, that’s what really sells this costume. Plus size also available.


9. Sock Hop Sweetheart

Adult Poodle Skirt

We’ve all wanted an excuse to own a poodle skirt after watching Grease, and Halloween is a perfect excuse. Pink Ladies jacket and plus size also available.

8. Pirate

Treasure Pirate Wench Adult Costume

Don’t tell Peter Pan you’ve become a pirate! Collect yourself some booty and give out gold chocolate coins to your friends. Everyone loves a gracious pirate.


7. Spartan Cheerleader

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Female Adult Costume

Honestly, this is probably one of the best Saturday Night Live sketches of all time. Its debut date in 1996 makes this character a perfect throwback. Plus size also available.


6. Cleopatra

Black/Gold Cleopatra Adult Costume

If you don’t know much about Cleopatra, at least watch the 1963 film starring Elizabeth Taylor. Break out the eyeliner, ladies! Plus size also available.


5. Sally

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Adult Costume

Put yourself in stitches as the lovable Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Body paint optional, as this costume also comes with sleeves.

4. Jem

Jem And The Holograms Jem Deluxe Adult Costume

Beat everyone to the punch as Jem from Jem and the Holograms. She’s fun, sparkly, and got a new movie scheduled for 2016.

3. Captain America

Captain America Female Classic Adult Costume

This Lady America dress is still long enough to fight crime in, but if you’d rather wear the full suit, go for it!

2. Classic Witch

Classic Witch Adult Costume

Nothing says Halloween better than a witch! Keep it traditional, and let your inner goth out. Plus size also available.


1. Litchfield Prison Jumpsuit

Orange Is The New Black Costume


You’ve got time to pre-order this costume straight from Orange Is The New Black. Don’t worry, they’ve also got these puppies in the classic convict orange.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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