Demi Lovato: Beauty Entrepreneur?

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We’ve all heard her on the radio and seen her blossom from Disney darling to bonafide pop star, but Demi Lovato has a new title to add to her resume: entrepreneur. It made sense to me when Lovato endorsed a brand of colored hair extensions by posting a photo of her mom wearing them on Instagram. Lovato has made colored hair part of her look since re-establishing herself post-Disney, and Secret Color extensions seemed to fit right in with her lifestyle. Then her Instagram became more of a marketing platform with several posts about the Secret Color extensions, and upon attending a concert on her Neon Lights Tour, I realized the extensions were being sold along with her merchandise and advertised between acts on big screens. Yesterday, she tweeted about a new skincare line named Devonne by Demi (Demetria Devonne Lovato is her full name), and it got me even more curious about the business woman that is Demi Lovato.

I went on the website for Secret Color and was greeted by a video of Demi’s testimonials for the product. I’ll be honest, they look awesome. The four colors are vibrant, and as someone who has dyed her hair everything from pink to purple to blue over the last decade, I can attest that vibrancy in colors like these are difficult to maintain. The extensions are basically attached to an elastic headband that lets you quickly put the extensions in or out without messing with traditional extension clips. The 14 inch long extensions can handle heat up to 320 degrees, and are made of a polyester blend. I’ll admit there are stores in the mall that sell very similar color/size/heat resistant extensions, but I think the headband design of these really sets them apart as a new product. I’ve worn colored extensions, and while it’s nice to better control exactly where you place them, the clips are uncomfortable and easily seen. Without having tried the product myself, I’m going to go ahead and declare these are probably worth the almost $20.


The Devonne by Demi line is particularly interesting to me, as it delivers a three product system similar to most skincare regimes designed for teens and young adults, but with an alternative approach. Instead of packing their products full of acne fighting chemicals, Lovato’s brand boasts a number of natural extracts as the cleansing and soothing ingredients (including Reishi mushroom extract as blemish control). Rice, apple, licorice root, lavender, cucumber, and Wakame seaweed extracts round out the formula in the cleanser, mist, and moisturizing primer. I’m self-admittedly pretty lazy about skincare, but I love the idea of the hydrating mist, as that’s something I could apply even when I’m rushing in the morning and running straight from the shower out the door. Unfortunately, the products are only available as a set, but you aren’t required to sign up for the subscription service, which is nice if you’re just looking to try it (though you’ll save 25% if you do sign up for the monthly delivery).

Both Secret Color and Devonne by Demi seem like quality products for a reasonable price, and at 22 years old, Demi Lovato is ramping up her career by adding these retail products. It’s inspiring to see a woman my age successful in any venture, but it’s truly awesome to see someone accomplished with their performance talent invest their time and brand into delivering products applicable and accessible for their fan base.

Editor’s Note: I have not tried any of the mentioned products, nor have I received any type of compensation for this post.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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