Books to Keep On-Hand for Gifts

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Have you ever been lost about what to get your friends or family for gifts, ended up waiting until the last minute until you have to scrap together something thoughtless, and re-gifting something generic like a Target gift card? Here’s a guide books you can keep ahead of time to get you through all of this winter’s holidays without scrambling.

For your sibling:

All My Friends Are Dead
 will make you laugh, and whenever your sibling has a rough day, they’ll crack this guy open and think about how much they appreciate you. The cutesy cartoons are all accompanied by problematic quips that are relatable and part of every day life.

For your mom:

The Mac Cheese Cookbook is the mother load of all cookbooks, and the perfect thing you want to give your mom in hopes that she’ll use you as a guinea pig to try out the recipes as a thank you. Grab a bottle of truffle oil at the grocery store to go along with this crowd pleaser.

For your dad:

Say goodbye to the standard Fourth of July generic dogs, because Haute Dogs will have your dad inspired to break out the grill and craft artful franks with flavors from around the world. There is a variety for everyone, including vegan dogs!

For your partner-in-crime:

If your PIC has been your companion for concerts, movies, and events, this Ticket Stub Diary is the best way to preserve memories of your adventures. Instead of a traditional photo album, this acid-free book prompts brief documentation about anything you’ve got a stub for.

For your BFF:

Why You’re So Awesome
 leaves a book full of pages for you to write in and let your BFF know why they’re so awesome. Filling in the blanks can take some time, so prepare in advance and then save it for an occasion.

For your long-term partner:

If you’ve been with your lover long enough to have exchanged rings, Our Q&A a Day 3 Year Journal is a great way to start keeping track of how your relationship grows and how you always seem to learn something new about each other, even after years of being together. It will also become a perfect reference after arguments to make you smile and remind you just how much you love your partner.

For your boyfriend:

Tequila Mockingbird
 is exactly the recipe book you need to tell your boyfriend his canned PBR isn’t cutting it anymore without hurting his feelings. You’ll have fun mixing up cocktails, and have a story to spark intellectual conversation a la Drunk History.

For your co-worker:

The office can be stressful, and for those moments when the bosses are complaining about paperwork, The Little Book of Yoga will give your co-worker salvation on their lunch break. Plus, they’d probably be willing to let you borrow it for an afternoon should the yelling be directed at you.

All of the featured books are part of ModCloth’s Holiday Gift Guide for less than $20 each. Go ahead and stock up, and get ready for the thank you cards!

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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