Weird, But Awesome Gifts for Everyone

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Christmas is a little under two weeks away. That’s right, for those of you who are not on top of these things (the half who haven’t been playing Christmas carols since November 1st), time is running short to make those Christmas purchases for your loved ones. You’ve got Mom all sorted, you know just what to get for your sister, but… what do you do with those last-but-not-least on the shopping list, the people for whom you just don’t know what to get? What do you get for the brother that has everything he wants, or the one cousin that has a better job than everyone and so buys everything before anyone has a chance to give it to him, or your best friend who is just utterly weird? Fear not, for we have traveled the internet far and wide to bring to you some of the weirdest, but still cool, gifts that the world has to offer. They’re kooky, but not useless! They’re odd, but still kind of awesome! You may even want one yourself! Sure to delight even the hardest to please, these all fall squarely into that sweet spot category that is: the awesome gifts they didn’t know they wanted until they got it.

Seems rude to just dump these here in a pile, but whatever.

Seems rude to just dump these here in a pile, but whatever.


True, the downside to gifting subscription boxes is paying the monthly fee upfront for the recipient of your gift. But, if you’re gifting, one of the coolest subscription services in the suddenly-trendy subscription service market is Feedbands. For $14.95/month, plus shipping, they send a new, never-before-pressed vinyl of an upcoming band straight to your door. You vote on what gets pressed the next month, and if you don’t like a record, you send it back and don’t pay for it. It’s an awesome gift for your indie-music lover boyfriend, or your brother who constantly name drops local bands you’ve never heard of. Plus, the membership can be canceled any time, so you’re not stuck with it if it doesn’t go over well. Which it should, because, let’s face it, it’s cool.

3 Day Zombie Survival Kit

Here’s a fun and potentially useful gift for either: the nerds in your life, or that one uncle with all the conspiracy theories. The kit contains some first aid treatments, lightsticks, an emergency blanket, a super-dense calorie bar, water pouches, and some other emergency items. Basically, alright, it’s your standard emergency kit. But that makes it useful, and the cool zombie packaging makes it fun, so it’s a winner all around.

Customizable Candle

Choose your size, choose your scent, put a photo on it and call it whatever you want. Sure, it may seem basic. But begin to imagine the possibilities. Remember that photo your mom has that she loves of you as a naked baby sitting in a pumpkin patch? How much more would she love that photo if it were printed nicely on a pumpkin scented votive?

Hey Steve, I'm gonna put pieces of your face in my coffee.

Hey Steve, I’m gonna put pieces of your face in my coffee.

Print Your Face on a Giant Marshmallow

Frankly, I feel this needs no further explanation.

The Claw Candy Toy Grabber Machine

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel once more than pain and anguish of missing by just this much every time, with the added benefit of being able to open the thing and eat all the candy you want when you get too frustrated because you’re an adult now, dang it, and that is your right.

Selfies have never looked better! Or taken longer.

CamKix 9 Piece Camera Lens Kit

You know that friend we all have who Instagrams everything they’ve ever done? Now they can really perfect the art of the mobile upload with a mini tripod and clip-on telephoto, fish eye, and macro lenses. It also comes with a nice velvet bag. Every Facebook profile shot will become an adventure! Every meal can be documented in all of its photographic glory!

NSI Room Planetarium and Projector

Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t want to turn their bedroom into a planetarium? Probably not. This gadget projects moving images of constellations and galaxies on your ceiling! Show your kids! Have a romantic night in with your significant other! Or just lay back and marvel at space when you’re feeling introspective. It’s a great gift for anyone, really. Just anyone.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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