What’s the Deal with Spray-On Deodorant?

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Sweat is kind of gross. Sure, it helps our bodies cool down and get rid of toxins, but nobody thinks of sweating as a glamorous process. There’s facial sweat, boob sweat, behind-the-knee sweat, and all sorts of places to release sticky, salty sweat, but the most foul smelling is known as armpit sweat. Did you have garlic at dinner last night? Good news! Your boss can totally smell it as you’re stress sweating in your big meeting this morning. Curry at lunch? Yep, your partner is electing to sleep on the sofa tonight. So how do you combat it all? Well, some good ol’ anti-persperant deodorant usually does the trick, but then your clothes are either left with chalky white marks, gooey gel spots that look like sweat, or hazy yellow discoloration. Finally, a product is being rolled out that solves the sweat issue without destroying your wardrobe.


Spray-on deodorant has been used by many of my friends abroad for years. “What are you doing?!” I’d ask as it looked like they were applying hairspray to their armpits. They raised an eyebrow at me and answered putting on deodorant. “And it works? Seriously?” I’d continue to ask while thinking my friends were going to stink at the end of the day. It seemed like a rouse, but sure enough, they smelled better than I did after using my old fashioned deodorant stick. Their only complaint? The formula initially felt cold and wet, which made them run around for a few seconds with their arms in the air. After seeing dozens of ads for new dry spray deodorants, I decided to give it a shot (or a spray, rather).

I used Degree Dry Spray in Powder Fresh after a shower, and was surprised at how truly dry it felt (and how little I needed). I probably over-sprayed on day one, since it created a small aerosol propelled cloud of deodorant around me, but on day two, a small burst under each arm was actually plenty to keep me smelling fresh for not only the whole day, but all night until the next morning, too. I began to understand why my friends loved their spray on deodorants very quickly. Not only was the coverage even, but it didn’t do anything to my clothes. No white marks, wet spots, nor discoloration. I lasted through the workday without breaking a sweat, and even managed to do some housework in the evening while staying dry. I went sans perfume, and a light baby powder scent lingered until just before bed.


So is this the end to solid and gel deodorants as we know it? For me, yes. I won’t be able to travel with the dry sprays in my carry-on (though there are travel-sized options in the works. No word yet on FAA clearance though), so I’ll have to keep a stick as back-up, but otherwise, I’m a dry spray girl now. I’m excited to try other scents like Peach Burst in the summer, or perhaps build a small arsenal of dry sprays to wear a different scent each day of the week.

Degree Dry Spray and Dove Dry Spray are available now.

This testimonial is purely based on personal experience.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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  1. as long as i’m not sweating 😀

  2. Sounds like something worth checking out, although I am all about sticks.

  3. I prefer spray on- I will have to check this out.. Thanks for sharing!

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