The Reality of Rich Life, Poor Girl

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It’s pretty obvious that Rich Life, Poor Girl has gone without some love the last few months. Three months later, I write to you as a frustrated poor girl whose desire for a rich life was overshadowed by the reality of finance. Plain and simple, it costs me money to run this site. I invested money otherwise earned from part-time jobs and freelance projects to buying the domain, hosting, and theme for this website. Since its inception last August, I’ve profited $1.49 from this website. That doesn’t even cover the tax for the domain name itself, let alone the much more expensive hosting and theme. I put a lot of labor into making sure this site was easily accessible and not just a display board for hoards of advertisements. I also use affiliate links to products I genuinely like or recommend, so that if a reader decides to make a purchase, I make a small commission (usually somewhere between 2% and 6%, but most of the affiliate companies require a higher threshold before they will cut me a check, and since I haven’t reached any of the thresholds, I haven’t made any money this way). I never ran this site with the intention of making loads of money, but I hoped to receive a few perks in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received products for free in exchange for a review, and all of those posts have a disclaimer about the complimentary products (as well as more information about all of our disclaimers here). I’ve been able to pay my writers in lipstick, nail polish, screenings, and publicity, which I am so thankful they’ve happily accepted. It’s not fun to run a business that cannot properly pay its employees, which has forced Rich Life, Poor Girl to be more of an expensive hobby than flourishing business. I believe people should be compensated fairly for their work, and in an effort to pay my writers, I have to generate earnings from advertising and sponsored posts.

What’s the point of me airing my dirty financial laundry? So that I can apologize for disappearing, because to be honest with you, continuing to write here was taking time away from being able to work my regular jobs, and I needed to make money to pay bills! I think if you’re on this site, then you can understand my priorities. Rent has to come first, and thanks to a little elbow grease and time away from the site, I can now return to spending the hours it takes to keep this place running smoothly. It takes a decent following to appeal to advertisers and sponsors, so I work hard to reach out to potential new readers, and to continue posting interesting content for my current readers. It’s incredibly time consuming, but hearing feedback from readers tells me it’s all worth it. If even one person finds something enlightening about a post, then I consider it a worthy success. It’s just tough putting forth all the work and then seeing bills pile up with no funds to pay them.

So, I hope you forgive me for my absence, because it’s been weighing heavy on my heart. I truly love sharing my ramblings, reviews, and recommendations with you all, and this site has been fueled purely by your dedication as readers. Here’s to celebrating that we can all be living rich lives!

Love always,

Jayda Knight, Editor-in-Chief

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for our Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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Jayda Knight is a twenty-something in Los Angeles. Her background in online journalism, coupon clipping, and addictive shopping inspired her to create a website for women to save money and have fun. She enjoys cooking (and grilling) whatever mix-matched items she can find in her fridge, and splurges on craft beers and Disneyland trips.

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